Why Marble is Good for Bathroom Countertops

Marble countertops have a sheen and elegance that is unmatched by virtually any other countertop material. In a bathroom, marble countertops can make the space itself look more luminous and luxurious. There are many other reasons that an increasing number of homeowners are choosing to do their bathroom countertops with marble over other material. Here are some of those reasons.


Marble might look expensive but it is surprisingly affordable. In many cases it actually costs less than most of the other natural stone materials you have to choose from. It is often far less expensive than quartz or granite and is typically brighter other materials.


Because it is a natural stone, marble is very resistant to scratching and cracking than many other countertop materials. When choosing something for your bathroom, you want a material that can withstand significant use.

One of a Kind

Marble is made up of minerals that over time are compressed and heated naturally to create unique veins and swirls that exist only in that slab. Therefore, every piece of marble you will see is the only one of its kind. Although you may be able to select the basic hue of your marble, the pattern or “design” in each piece will differ. Depending on the area where the limestone was extracted from and the mix of minerals that make up the composite, the veins and swirls and pattern in your marble will not be found anywhere else.

Heat Resistant

People put hot tools on their countertops all the time. Curling irons and flat irons reach extremely hot temperatures and on any other surface, these tools would scar and leave burn marks on your countertops. Marble will not catch fire or burn. However, no matter how heat resistant your countertops are, it is best to protect the finish as much as possible by putting a heat protectant between it and your countertops.

There are many good reasons that marble has been used as a popular building material for bathroom countertops in Deland, FL, for an extremely long time. Make sure that you have an expert contractor install your marble bathroom countertops in Deland, FL, and give you instructions for taking care of it to ensure your investment lasts as long as possible.