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How to Choose the Best Bathroom Countertops

Kitchens and master bathrooms are two of the easiest spaces in your home to upgrade. They are both appealing to future buyers, receive plenty of traffic, increase the overall value of your home, and are much easier to renovate than the other spaces in your home. Think about it: paying someone to upgrade your countertops is much simpler than trying to move walls or ceilings. If you have considered making your bathrooms your next home improvement project, read on to learn about bathroom countertops in Altamonte Springs, FL.


Laminate is the go-to material when it comes to bathroom counters. It has come a long way in recent years, making it more versatile and durable than ever before. Laminate is inexpensive, but it is also subject to damage from hot tools and scratches. It is water-resistant, which is important in a bathroom setting.

Solid Surface

Solid surface options are excellent because they can make up the countertops, trim or backsplash, and sink. These materials are low-maintenance, heat-resistant, and durable, and any scratches or marks can be buffed out.

Granite or Marble

While people often choose granite for the countertops in their master bathroom, people often overlook marble bathroom countertops in Altamonte Springs, FL. Both marble and granite are classically beautiful, natural stones whose loveliness and durability make them excellent for kitchens and bathrooms alike. Both need to be sealed against water damage, heat, and staining, but they can withstand almost anything if treated properly.


Tile countertops allow for more artistry and individuality than other countertop materials. They can be laid in any combination of colors or patterns, so you can really personalize and beautify your space. You do have to keep things clean so the grout doesn’t stain, however.


For bathrooms that receive less traffic, wood can be a gorgeous and unique-looking option for bathroom countertops. It needs to be well-sealed to prevent water damage, and it might not be the best option for a family with young children, but it can be a great way to make your room stand out.