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What To Expect From The Saw Tech Countertop Experience


  • The first call concerning the scheduling of your new countertops is generally made by our Field Coordinator 1-3 days after the receipt of a Complete Order Package. Please include a daytime # or cell # in your order.
  • At this time, we will agree upon a date to template your job.
  • Once we have a working template, Saw Tech Countertops will prepare an authorization sheet that will detail the scope of the order in full with a projected installation date of 10 working days after the signed authorization sheet is returned.
  • SAW TECH COUNTERTOPS REQUIRES 100% of the information and materials required to complete the entire order.
  • No job will be placed into the 10 day production schedule without a 100% complete order.
  • If CHANGES are made to your order or complications with the information or materials that cannot be resolved within 36 hours of the Template, the job will be disengaged from the schedule and put on hold until all issues have been resolved.
  • Within 12 hours after the order has been re-engaged, we will call to reschedule the installation.

Template Day:

  • In the AM on your scheduled template day you will receive a confirmation call from a Field Engineer.
  • They will confirm with you that the job is ready to template and provide an ETA.
  • Please make sure that the work area is clear and that all appliances are available for examination.
  • Templates made over existing countertops with backsplash do not allow us to guarantee an exact fit.
  • There must be an adult present that has the authority to make decisions regarding the design and outcome of your tops. We often require a Sign-off as part of our quality assurance.


  • On the morning of your scheduled Installation day, you will receive a confirmation call suggesting an estimated time of arrival (Generally a 2-hour window)
  • Prepare for In-home Construction.  SAW TECH COUNTERTOPS uses the most advanced tools with built-in dust collection.  However, residual dust should be expected. You may want to cover items or drape off the construction area.
  • Cabinets must be level and properly attached to walls. Countertops cannot be installed on a non-level surface.
  • Have all appliances onsite that affect the installation, including sinks, cooktops, faucets, hot water dispensers, soap dispensers and anything that requires specific cutout dimensions.

If SAW TECH COUNTERTOPS is removing your existing countertops please have the following ready prior to the installers arrival:

    • 1. Clear a path and the work area, the tops are bulky and can easily cause damage to fragile items.
    • 2. Remove anything from the surface of the countertops.
    • 3. Remove drawers, utensils and other items from the base cabinets.
    • 4. Disconnect your plumbing.

Installation Day:

  • SAW TECH COUNTERTOPS Installers are trained professionals moving large materials and working with potentially dangerous tools.  For safety reasons we request that everyone remain clear of all work areas, OUT OF HARM’S WAY.
  • Countertop installation is a construction process. Be prepared to add the finishing touches to your project.
  • SAW TECH COUNTERTOPS will not be responsible for minor damages to drywall, wallpaper, tile back-splashes, existing appliances, cabinets, trim moldings, or any gaps between the new backsplash and existing wall treatments.
  • After the new countertops have been installed, we will clean the immediate surface areas and leave the job-site in a “broom-swept” condition.
  • SAW TECH COUNTERTOPS is not responsible for plumbing reconnection. Please arrange this with a qualified plumber NO SOONER  than 24 hours after the completion of your installation.

Customer Service:

  • We proudly offer you the finest countertops available and build our reputation on your satisfaction.
  • For any assistance before, during, or after purchase of your new countertops, please feel free to contact our customer service department on 407-322-6299 from Monday – Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM.
  • Congratulations on your New Countertop Purchase and thanks for choosing SAW TECH COUNTERTOPS.

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